Ventilator Settings

Modes of Ventilation Assist/control (A/C) mode: The ventilator delivers a set minimum number of mandatory breaths each minute. A/C mode can be used with either pressure control or volume control. Synchronous intermittent mandatory ventilation (SIMV) mode: The ventilator delivers a set minimum number of mandatory breaths each minute but also allows the patient to breathe spontaneously in between the …

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Vascular Access

Suggested Content Umbilical Vein Cath Pediatric IV Insertion Radial Arterial Line Insertion  Femoral Arterial Line Insertion Ultrasound-Guided Deep Brachial IV Rapid Infusion Catheter Central Line Insertion—IJ, Subclavian Setting up the Pressure Set for CPV and A-Lines How to Access an Indwelling Vascular Port Repair of Bleeding Dialysis Shunt Intraosseous Needle Placement Procedure Videos Central …

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Splinting Procedures

Suggested Content Posterior Lower Leg Splint with Stirrup Posterior Lower Leg Split (No Stirrup) Using Plaster Sugar Tong Splint Thumb Spica Splint Ulnar Gutter Splint Mallet Finger—Examination and Splinting Technique Procedure Videos powerpoint The thumb spica splint is indicated in radially-based hand and wrist injuries. [pdf-embedder url=”” title=”EMRA Sports Medicine Splinting Guide”] pdf Suggestions

Musculoskeletal Procedures

Suggested Content Field Amputation Extensor Tendon Repair Boxer’s Fracture Salter Harris II Radius Fracture Reduction Hip Dislocation Reduction Scapular Manipulation Zero Position Technique Shoulder Dislocation Reduction Reduction of Luxatio Erecta Intraarticular Lidocaine Injections Finger Dislocation Reduction and Metacarpal Block Ankle Dislocation Reduction Posterior Elbow Dislocation Elbow Reduction Nursemaids Elbow Reduction Patella Dislocation Reduction Procedure Videos …

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