Orthopedic Procedures

Suggested Content Techniques for Shoulder Injections/Aspirations Subacromial Bursa Injection Wrist Arthrocentesis Elbow Arthrocentesis Knee Arthrocentesis Ankle Arthrocentesis Measuring Compartment Pressures (Stryker Monitor) Compartment Pressure Measurement (Stryker) Procedure Videos

Soft Tissue Procedures

Suggested Content Dermabond Steri-Strips Staples Buried Sutures (Subcutaneous) Simple Interrupted Sutures Vertical Mattress Sutures Horizontal Mattress Sutures Running Horizontal Mattress Sutures Corner Sutures Ingrown Toenail Removal Incision and Drainage Loop Drainage Technique for Cutaneous Abscess Subungual Hematoma—Trephination with Battery-Powered Cautery Paronychia Incision and Drainage Subungual Hematoma—Trephination Using Needle Procedure Videos