Dr. Isaac Schaver, 76, Primary Care, Farmington Hills, Michigan

Born May 15, 1943 in Poland as Itzhak. He survived the Holocaust and was adopted by Moshe and Emma Lazaroff Schaver after a bill sopnsored by Senator Arthur Vandenberg and John Dingell Sr was passed. The bill opened the door for surviving children whom Mrs Schaver had seen first hand having visited DP camp that housed children.

Isaac went to MacDowell – Mumford – Wayne State, served in the Peace Corp in West Africa and attended medical school at Tel Aviv University.

He graduated as an M.D. in 1975 and interned at Sinai hospital. He never lost his love for Israel and has children living there today. He quietly supported many causes including the Jewish Historical Society of Michigan. As was his style he remained a private person who enjoyed living life.

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