Ventilator Settings

Modes of Ventilation

Assist/control (A/C) mode: The ventilator delivers a set minimum number of mandatory breaths each minute. A/C mode can be used with either pressure control or volume control.

Synchronous intermittent mandatory ventilation (SIMV) mode: The ventilator delivers a set minimum number of mandatory breaths each minute but also allows the patient to breathe spontaneously in between the mandatory breaths. SIMV can be used with either pressure control or volume control.

Pressure regulated volume control (PRVC): This is a pressure- controlled mode but adds a targeted tidal volume, so the inspiratory pressure changes breath-to-breath to achieve the targeted tidal volume.

Tidal Volumes 
  • ARDS: recommended tidal volume target is between 4–6 mL/kg predicted body weight (PBW)
  • Everyone else: recommended tidal volume of 6–8 mL/kg PBW